Lost Satellite

Signs in the sky flashed bright
Soft rain fell through the light
I still can't forget the day
You turned and walked away

I never have figured out
What we were all about
We watched that storm end and then
I never saw you again

Drifting away like city's bright lights
As I rise in flight into the dark empty night
Drifting away like a lost satellite
Forever out of sight

Now I wander these empty streets
Memories at my feet
Recalling the soulmate who
Turned out was just passing through

Seems like I spend my life
Engaged in this endless strife
Searching throughout love's past
For clues why love doesn't last

A dream arrives in the flesh
Suddenly life is fresh
All the doors closed inside
Unlock and spring open wide

Love's fire is where it's at
'Cause nothing else burns like that
Somehow we lose the spark
It turns back into the dark