The world is spiked with danger and sorrow
No matter how big or small your name
Bet your life it's the same tomorrow
Whoever it is might be to blame

Cajun storms and raging wars
We're filling sand bags as the rivers swell
We're marching in the streets and our banners say peace
But we know there's not a snowball's chance in hell

Then you smile and the world lights up
It means that much to me
It likes drinking from a loving cup
Like the sun rising over the sea

Then you smile like a cheshire cat
'Til it's all I can see
It makes me feel like when I heard
In heaven all the beer is free

Crack of dawn it's a scrambled scene
We rush to wait in a million lines
Sell ourselves to reel in the green
Before it flies out the other side

When we escape it's a different story
We take the off ramp from a world of cares
The madness of the struggle for power and glory
Is left behind on the joyride we share