My Plate

My Plate

I push my plate away, heave a sigh, say "That was great"
Ask you if you'd like to go out and sit on the deck
We sip our drinks and watch the summer sun set through the trees
And marvel that life can be so good

Suddenly my thoughts stray to the tragedy that fills the world
The killing everywhere that seems to have no reason or rhyme
Parents struggling to find their kids enough to eat
Just because of the accident of their birth

Between tar paper shacks and the opulence of wealth
Between disease with no cure and good health
I find myself

I push my plate away, wait to catch your eye and grin
The table's filled with many guests we like and some we don't
The music playing is sensual and primitive
As hazy goofiness envelopes us all

I know somewhere there are bad folks hatching evil plots
I think back on some that found their way right to our door
I speculate a force for good helps everyone
Wants to be less trapped and more free

Between the myths and dreams that serve as my guide
And this ordinary world that I ride
I dance inside

I push my plate away, a hermit in a crowded world
Once upon I gave my all to make contact with kindred souls
That youth-crazed search went bust with one exception I here note
Without whom I can't imagine my fate

My past is haunted by the mocking ghosts of shame and pride
My faith rejects the world's indifference is justified
The one I wronged the most has been the one most seen my good
A shining example to forgive is divine

Between the secret list of my many sins
And times I rose to life's occasions
I still begin