Dead End

Can't make money on friendship
Can't make money on love
Can't make money crying out to be free
Or on the vision of a better life you might be dreaming of

Surrounded by wrong can't help but ask yourself
What would it take to make it right
Is life too short, is life too long
Does it matter at all? Is it worth a fight?

Everywhere we go signs say Dead End, Dead End
They tell us all of our lives - again and again and again and again
They say the way is closed
We've got to find a way to go
Dead End

All over the world it's the same sad story
Power junkies hooked on control
Now it don't matter who and it don't matter where
One thing I know, they've all got to go

'Cause there ain't no one deserves to be at their mercy
Truth is we've all got the same soul
We live one life, live one life
It's the only life we've got, the only way to go