Liberty Bay has been playing together for about three years.  We released our first CD of original songs two years ago.  We've played at several local venues, most notably Four Aces and the Ninth Ward basement club at Asbury Hall which is the home of Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe records.  In addition to our original material we play (not "cover") music by Bob Dylan, the Dead, J.J. Cale, Little Feat and others.  We are:

Curt Ahrens (bass) - In addition to playing bass, Curt is an accomplished bluegrass musician who also plays stand up bass, guitar and mandolin.  He's also a trivia expert of international (possibly intergalactic) renown.

Joe Ahrens (drums and percussion) - Joe is also a guitar player (though he denies it publicly), and hard core golfer.

Jenny Mombrea (keyboards) - Jenny can play anything (and I do mean anything) at the highest level including classical, jazz, rock, blues and pop.  Also an accomplished fiddle/violin player.

Dan Mombrea (guitar) - Also writes the songs and is fortunate to have found bandmates who share a common sensibility when it comes to making the songs happen.

We've all played in many groups over the years, but that was all before.

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